Pharmacy Sector

The new role of this sector, no more waiting room for the sole prescription, now identifies the pharmacy as the point of sale of well-being to 360 degrees. A renewed environment rich in sensory input, with consumers who are increasingly knowledgeable and demanding, certainly lines up pharmacy space with the rest of retail.

The increase in impulse purchases suggests visually highlighting products,
placing a value on the offer
and focusing on the visual and emotional involvement of the client.

Graphic communication through posters only, although beautiful, cannot generate interest and the desire to purchase. The display must communicate with the viewer and should give sufficient prominence to proposals for well-being and health, coming from a provider in whom he is used to placing confidence and expecting competence.

Focusing on quality is better than focusing on quantity.

For years I have worked in this sector that I can claim to know well. Thanks to my long experience, I am able to write about this reality in terms of trade, window dressing and image (see Publications)

The knowledge gained has also allowed me to gather a large portfolio of ideas, which has turned into material for a

targeted training course of theory and practice focusing on the subject of the pharmacy.

I am available for training sessions for groups and for individual stores, both in private and in collaboration with trade associations.

-Translated by Dotty Machione-

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