Design Kits for corporate Identity

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- Pfizer – Oltre la Vetrina – Italtrading: una sinergia di successo 08-04-2016

A design kit provides a "turnkey solution" but does not consist of sending a simple mounting box.

My service begins with a careful analysis of the need, in relation to the business Client's concept, then materializes in the search for material, and for the creation of the prototype, all within the parameters of the budget given me.

The preparation and provision of a technical information schedule with the manner of assembly and the addition of a photograph of the finished work, as an example to follow, will make the User the decision maker for the realization of the final display.
When it is necessary to also furnish a technical example for the correct display of the products, constitutes an integral part of my meticulous service.

A design kit allows you to enhance, on a large scale, the brand of product in a
corporate image, but can also satisfy other more limited needs.
The supply is absolutely not bound to a minimum order.

-Translated by Dotty Machione-

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