Training Courses for organizations
                   and private individuals

For years I have been conducting training, and in my classes I try
to transfer complete know-how
under many aspects.

The subjects covered are: hot and cold window dressing goods; technical lighting; visual merchandising; visual marketing; packaging; technique and psychology of selling

The classes are divided between hours of theory and of practice, where all the participants work individually and in groups, using the large amount of material I place at their disposal.
The first-level course allows a complete approach to the subject.; that of the second level exclusively refines and consolidates the practical techniques.

The interactivity, the attention to the Participants and the numerous practice directions
in order to achieve expectations,
are the extra steps that differentiate my courses.

I am open to working with public agencies, private companies and Ascom.

The knowledge gained specifically in the
"pharmacy industry"

has allowed me to gather a large portfolio which has turned into material for a focused theoretical and practical training course dedicated to its image.

I am available for training sessions for groups and for individual stores, both in private and in collaboration with trade associations.

-Translated by Dotty Machione-

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